TMS For Depression: Is TMS Worth The Cost?

September 17, 2021

There are various types of FDA-approveed Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) treatments in the market for Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and Major Depressive Disorder.

In a nutshell, a device will be placed on the head of the patient. It then enables you to awaken a part of your brain that is underactive and affected by OCD and depression.

TMS has a high price when it was first released to the public in 2008. At that time there was only one device available in the market- the NeuroStar, which only doctors could purchase. But it was too expensive, even for them.

However, the cost for TMS used to treat depression is a lot more affordable now.

Is TMS Worth The Cost?

The alternative to depression treatment is Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or (TMS). It addresses all the symptoms of patients who are not responding to the traditional medication used to treat depression. It stimulates the brain of the patient and is noninvasive type of treatment using electromagnetic pulses to stimulate the nerve cells. Thus, it might improve the symptoms of mental health or neurological disorders. For example, TMS is extensively for treating depression.

The TMS for depression cost will not matter as much anymore as it has several benefits to its patients. First, it offers patients who are treatment-resistant to other depression medication a newfound hope for healing. Second, if you are taking medication such as an antidepressant and you don’t respond to it.

Some studies state that about 50%-60% of patients are not satisfied with the result of traditional medication for depression. However, patients have found their relief with the TMS treatment.

How TMS Treatment Works

TMS is also a noninvasive treatment that will not require patients to undergo any form of  anesthesia. The patient will only need to wear a cap that will house the coil. The doctor or the technician is then going to calibrate the impulse strength that the motor cortex is receiving. Then the machine will send it to the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex.

Lastly, It has long-term relief. But the sessions are for treatment, and it is drug-free. The dTMS and rTMS treatments will be administered to a patient for four to six weeks. rTMS has a more extended session that will last about 37 minutes, while the dTMS sessions will only last 20 minutes.

Several patients have tried this treatment and has reported that they feel better after several months. However, the average duration for the treatment is almost a year. About one-third of patients have stated that they felt a complete remission in their disorder, and there are 50%-60% who have found relief from the same treatment.

TMS is a treatment already approved for treating depression. It will help patients with stubborn symptoms. In addition, new research is taking note of its continuous efficiency, which is all worth discussing with your doctor.

How Much Does TMS Cost Per Session?

Are you considering TMS therapy for you or a family member? Are you wondering about the TMS treatment for depression cost? Luckily you have come to the right place. Some people see TMS therapy as cost-prohibitive.

Every tms, for depression cost around $400 to $500. In addition, patients will need severe TMS therapy sessions for them to see the best results. So, the total cost for TMS therapy might be around $15,000. However, there are tms monthly payment plans.

There are several tms payment options that you can choose from if you don’t have enough cash. This is a viable option for others, while for some a one-time payment option is not necessarily applicable. There is no doubt that TMS treatment is effective, there are even other insurance companies who will cover the cost for you, but there are also some who won’t.

How Much Does TMS Cost Out of Pocket?

There are several who see that the costs for TMS treatments are comparable to the cost of any antidepressant medication. Even if there is insurance coverage for the prescribed medicines, the antidepressant drug might still cost around $150 every month and a sum total of $1,800 a year.

TMS therapy will only cost the patient $370 for the whole nine-week course of the treatment. The results of TMS will also last for a year for over 62.5% of patients. Additionally, aside from being an effective cost alternative to antidepressants, TMS is also efficient in relieving the symptoms of treatment-resistant depression. Some also find no side effects to this therapy.

Will My Insurance Cover TMS?

Almost every insurance company covers the therapy for TMS. Several insurance companies will pay for your TMS therapy to treat the patient’s depression. They will pay for it because it is FDA-approved and effective for treating any major depressive disorder.

The companies that cover TMS therapy will pay for its cost as long as the company’s specific guidelines are observed and if they are medically necessary. Although insurance companies will pay for particular procedures such as TMS therapy, a patient needs to check their policy and the plan’s limitations.

Every insurance company has its benefits, coverage policy, and eligibility requirements for TMS therapy. Here are some of the criteria an insurance company requires patients to meet.

  • Diagnosis of depression
  • Your attempt to resolve your depression with antidepressant medicines has no significant improvements.
  • History of counseling or therapy from licensed experts.
  • You don’t have any history of seizures, or you don’t have any seizure disorders.

A patient should meet every condition written above so an insurance company will cover their TMS therapy.

TMS Treatment In Long Beach

We know how hard it is dealing with depression, especially now that we are practicing social distancing. Several of us can’t have gatherings. It will not be easy to find someone with whom we can talk to every time we need someone.

If your antidepressant medicines are not working, you can find several TMS treatments in Long Beach. If these treatments are not in your budget, you can always ask them for their payment options to help you out. You can also ask the treatment centers for their tms payment channels.

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