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WHAT IS psychotherapy?

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Psychotherapy, also known as talk therapy or counseling, is a type of treatment that involves talking with a trained mental health professional to address emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues. Psychotherapy can be conducted individually, with a couple or family, or in a group setting. There are many different approaches to psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy, dialectical behavior therapy, and psychoanalytic therapy, among others

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) helps individuals identify and change negative thoughts and behaviors that may be contributing to their mental health symptoms. If you're a fan of practical solutions and goal-setting, CBT might be the right approach for you.

Dialectical behavior therapy

Dialectical behavior therapy (DBT) is a type of therapy that teaches individuals skills to manage their emotions and improve their relationships with others. If you're looking to improve your emotional intelligence and strengthen your relationships, DBT might be a good fit.

Psychoanalytic Therapy

Psychoanalytic therapy, also known as psychoanalysis, is a type of therapy that focuses on the unconscious mind and how it impacts thoughts and behaviors. If you're interested in exploring the deeper, unconscious motivations behind your actions, psychoanalysis might be worth considering.

No Such Thing As One Size Fits All

It's important to note that there is no "one size fits all" approach to psychotherapy, and the right approach for you will depend on your specific needs and circumstances.

what to expect?

Meeting With a Psychiatrist Is A Collaborative Process

Here is what you can expect during a typical psychotherapy session. It is important to remember that psychotherapy is a collaborative process and that you should feel free to ask questions and express your concerns. The goal of treatment is to help you feel better and live a happier and healthier life

A safe and confidential environment

The therapist's office is a safe and confidential place where you can freely discuss your thoughts, feelings, and experiences.

An opportunity to talk about your concerns

The therapist will provide a space for you to discuss your concerns and feelings, and will listen to you without judgment.

An exploration of your thoughts and behaviors

The therapist may ask you questions and provide feedback to help you better understand your thoughts and behaviors and how they may be contributing to your difficulties.

An opportunity to learn new coping skills

The therapist may teach you new coping skills or strategies to help you manage your emotions and improve your relationships.

Homework assignments

The therapist may give you homework assignments, such as keeping a journal or practicing a new skill, to help you continue to work on your goals outside of therapy.

why psychotheraphy?

The Benefits Of Psychotherapy

The most important question

A Better Way To Feel Better

Is Psychiatry Right For You?

You are experiencing persistent mental health symptoms, such as depression, anxiety, or bipolar disorder, that are affecting your ability to function in daily life.

You have tried self-help strategies, such as exercising, eating a healthy diet, and getting enough sleep, but have not been able to alleviate your mental health symptoms.

You have a family history of mental health conditions and are concerned about your risk of developing a similar condition.

You are struggling to cope with a major life event, such as the loss of a loved one, a divorce, or a job change, and are finding it difficult to move forward.

You have thoughts of harming yourself or others.

You are experiencing relationship problems or difficulties with communication.

TMS therapy is indicated for multiple conditions, with more research being done every day

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Here at Roots Mental Wellness, we are dedicated to providing the highest level of safety and support to our patients. We know how hard it is to fight depression, and you are not alone. Our treatment team is here to help guide you on your journey to wellness.

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Common Questions that our customers ask

How long does psychotherapy last, and how often will I need to attend sessions?

The length and frequency of therapy sessions can vary depending on your needs. Some people may benefit from short-term therapy, typically lasting a few weeks to a few months. Others may require long-term therapy, which can last for several years. The frequency of therapy sessions can also vary, with some weekly attending sessions and others attending less frequently.

What types of psychotherapy are available?

There are many types of psychotherapy, including cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), dialectical behavior therapy (DBT), psychodynamic therapy, as well as interpersonal therapy. The best therapy type for you will depend on your individual needs and treatment goals.

How do I know if psychotherapy is right for me?

Psychotherapy can be helpful for anyone experiencing emotional or behavioral issues affecting their quality of life. Some common reasons to seek therapy include anxiety, depression, relationship problems, grief and loss, or trauma.

How does psychotherapy work?

Psychotherapy involves talking with a professional to work through issues and improve mental health. The process involves identifying and exploring thoughts, emotions, and behaviors to gain insight and develop coping strategies. Different types of therapy may be used depending on the person's needs. Research shows that psychotherapy can effectively treat various mental health conditions. Overall, it helps individuals understand themselves better and develop skills to improve their well-being.

What is psychotherapy?

Psychotherapy is a type of mental health treatment that involves talking with a trained mental health professional to address emotional and behavioral issues.

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