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I struggled with depression most of my life. I tried multiple medications over the years, over 5 in total, and always had problems with side effects from the medication.  Sometimes I felt worse when I took the medication and would have emotional swings, nothing seem to really help me. I did a search for TMS centers near me and found Roots TMS.  After a few weeks of treatment, I started seeing the benefits. My sleep improved, my emotions were more manageable, and I started feeling motivated again. I’m still surprised sometimes when I look back and think of where I was and how felt compared to today.

Alyssa, 32

Long Beach, CA

I was depressed and sad even while being on medication. It would work for a while and my physician kept switching my antidepressants. Over the decades my depression impacted my relationship with my family and friends. I started TMS and found that it worked well for me. I realized that medication doesn’t work for everyone. I consider myself a level headed person but depression was a real struggle for me. TMS therapy helped and I wouldn’t hesitate to resume sessions if my depression returned.

Debby, 63

Portland, OR