Integrating Spravato with Psychotherapy for Optimal Outcomes

Noah Warren
September 15, 2023

The treatment of depression can be complex, requiring a multifaceted approach to achieve optimal outcomes. One promising treatment option for individuals with treatment-resistant depression is Spravato, a medication that targets the NMDA receptor in the brain. In conjunction with psychotherapy, Spravato can provide much-needed relief from symptoms of depression.

In this article, we'll explore how Spravato is integrated with psychotherapy, including how dosing sessions work and what preparation and integration sessions entail.

spravato with psychotherapy

Spravato Dosing Sessions

Spravato is administered through nasal spray under the supervision of a healthcare professional. The initial phase of treatment involves dosing sessions, in which the patient receives Spravato treatment twice a week for the first four weeks. The healthcare professional monitors the patient's vital signs and provides support throughout the session. Following each dosing session, patients must be monitored for at least two hours to ensure their safety.

Preparation Sessions

Before the first dosing session, individuals undergo preparation sessions to ensure they're mentally and physically prepared for treatment. During these sessions, healthcare professionals provide education about Spravato and discuss potential side effects and risks. They also address any questions or concerns that individuals may have and work to establish an individualized treatment plan to meet the unique needs of each patient.

Integration Sessions

Following the dosing sessions, individuals participate in integration sessions to help solidify the learnings and insights gained during treatment. These sessions also provide an opportunity for individuals to explore any issues that may have arisen during treatment and to continue working on addressing underlying issues contributing to their depression.

Integration with Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy is an essential part of Spravato treatment, as it provides individuals with a supportive environment in which to work through underlying issues contributing to their depression. The integration of Spravato with psychotherapy allows for personalized, integrated care, allowing healthcare professionals to tailor treatment to individuals' unique needs. Having Spravato in conjunction with psychotherapy can provide a high degree of efficacy in treating depression, particularly for treatment-resistant cases.


Depression is a complex mental illness that requires a holistic approach to treatment. Spravato is a promising treatment option that can provide much-needed relief for those struggling with treatment-resistant depression when integrated with psychotherapy. With dosing, preparation, and integration sessions, individuals can receive individualized care tailored to their unique circumstances and needs, supported by healthcare professionals.

By integrating Spravato with psychotherapy, individuals can receive comprehensive care, setting them on the path to healing and providing hope for a brighter future. Want to try this treatment? Contact us at Roots Mental Wellness.

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